The LETSystem Design Manual

Contents Page

1. Fundamentals of the LETSystem

2. Registries and multiLETS

3. Organisation and Operations

5. System Development

6. Landsman Community Services Ltd.

This material may be copied and distributed without restriction except that:

  • the original source is identified
  • any changes to the material are indicated
  • any charges made for such distribution must only reflect costs and not personal profit
  • copyright remains with Landsman Community Services Ltd

The concepts of personal money, community or local currency are regarded by Landsman Community Services as in the public domain. The LETSystem is a specific design in this field originated by Landsman in 1983 and Landsman remains the sole authority regarding the operation of LETSystems.

Landsman Community Services Ltd (Canada)

Version 1.3 August 1994

Landsman Community Services Ltd         Angus Soutar
1600 Embleton Crescent                  1 Bourne End Farm Cottages
Courtenay,  BC                          Wootton
Canada V9N 6N8                          Bedford
(604) 338-0213                          England MK43 9AP
                                        (0234) 768272

Birmingham Co-operative
Development Agency
111-119 Bishop Street
England B5 6JL
(021) 622 6973

Landsman Community Services Ltd Contents Page Version No 1.3 17 August 94
Written by Michael Linton of Landsman Community Services Ltd. and Angus Soutar of Robert Soutar Ltd.
Compiled 10-01-95 by Andy Blunt and Adrian Steele of LETSgo Manchester
These pages are hosted from Github pages with Gitbook. If you have any remarks or want to contribute a translation, feel free to search contact through the Github issues or make a pull request. The original source in html was transformed into the lightweight and easy-to-read markdown format.

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