The LETSystem Design Manual

3.3 LETSystems Registry Software

The only software presently recommended as suitable for the administration of multiple personal money accounting systems is :

multiLETS Manager, version 1, Release 3

MLETS.EXE       164,452 bytes  01-20-94   5:55a

designed and developed by

Ecodata Design, Western Australia
Landsman Community Services Ltd, Canada

This program, and the associated necessary files described below, is available from the diskette published by Landsman, in the PKZip compressed file :

MLETS.ZIP       383,383 bytes 01-19-94  11:39p

The disk, and the programs, are only available for IBM compatible computers.

The minimum recommended equipment is a 286 computer with 640K RAM. Smaller configurations may be possible, but are not recommended.

When unzipped, the files use 700K of disk space in total, but this can be reduced to nearer 500K if a registry is starting from fresh, or when earlier data files have been converted to run with this version of the program.

The dataset for a typical registry will probably not exceed 1 Megabyte until the registry has several hundred active accounts.

This program set is all that is necessary to manage the accounts of a registry. mLETS has the capacity to prepare individual statements for users and period end summaries for administration for:

  • at least 1000 users
  • participating in at least 20 independent systems
  • recording at least 5000 transactions per month.

The programs are supported with rudimentary but sufficient on-screen help, and their basic functions are menu controlled.

If the information contained in "readme" files on the distribution disk is insufficient to explain proper procedure, you need more competent computer support.

Files required for full registry support..

Absolutely necessary are :

   MLETS.EXE       164,452 bytes 01-20-94   5:55a
   MLETS.HLP        24,483 bytes 01-13-94   7:57a

 CLARION.RTL       279,026 bytes 08-14-91   2:18a runtime

library RTLINKST.COM 7,525 bytes 08-14-91 2:18a runtime linker

Optional data backup and restore batch files :

  MLBACK.BAT           246 bytes 11-08-93  10:46a
  MLREST.BAT           403 bytes 11-08-93  10:48a

Data import and export, allowing transfer of registry information to and from ASCII comma delimited files that can be used by text editors, database programs, spreadsheets, etc, requires :

  MLXCHG.EXE        57,343 bytes 01-17-94   4:56p
  MLXCHG.HLP         2,070 bytes 01-17-94   4:56p

Transfer of data from previous LETSystem files in dBASE 3 or Clipper format is assisted by proper use of :

   DICTA.DBF         1,942 bytes 07-14-93   2:14p

Background documentation is contained in :

 HISTORY.TXT         1,425 bytes 01-13-94   8:31a
    READ.ME          1,161 bytes 10-17-93   3:08a
  README.TXT        10,202 bytes 01-17-94   5:12p

Earlier versions of mLETS.exe used slightly different datafiles, and the conversion to current file structures is achieved with :

FIXFILES.BAT         1,359 bytes 11-17-93   3:07p
 MLFILES.CLA         4,769 bytes 12-05-93   8:59a
    CFIL.EXE       112,461 bytes 11-09-93  10:02a

  FIXLED.EXE         4,842 bytes 01-11-94   9:24a

As you start to generate data, remember the silicon rule.

"Make backups, live long and prosper."

The mLETS program does NOT support noticeboard and newsletter functions, which are organisationally separate from the registry accounting process. Programs supporting these services are also available on the diskette distributed by Landsman, or directly from

Richard Knights     +44 803 867 098
31d High Street,
Totnes,  Devon

Zipped up versions of MLETS and NLETS by Richard Knights may be downloaded via the Downloadable Materials Page

Landsman Community Services Ltd Paper No.3.3 Version No 1.3 17 August 94
Written by Michael Linton of Landsman Community Services Ltd. and Angus Soutar of Robert Soutar Ltd.
Compiled 10-01-95 by Andy Blunt and Adrian Steele of LETSgo Manchester
These pages are hosted from Github pages with Gitbook. If you have any remarks or want to contribute a translation, feel free to search contact through the Github issues or make a pull request. The original source in html was transformed into the lightweight and easy-to-read markdown format.

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