The LETSystem Design Manual

6.0 Landsman Community Services

Landsman itself has designed its programmes of design, development and publication on similar lines to regional development, but with a global perspective

  • because it's there

  • because it's time, and

  • because no other organization has that capacity.

Thus, any persons or organisations active in LETSystem development are encouraged to submit, to Landsman, accounts of their contribution.

If these accounts are indeed considered to reflect actual and substantial furtherance of the directions Landsman is proposing, then the accounts are accepted as a record showing that person or organisation's contribution to the effort, and their entitlement to share of the proceeds.

To be considered, submissions must be :

  • unique - not also submitted to either local or large regional

  • aligned with published directions.

Contracts negotiated in advance are preferred.

Thus far, over 200 people and organizations have recorded something like £500,000 of contributions in one form or another - funds, equipment, products or materials, professional services, or simply by putting in time.

LETSGO - a fast track project

It has been generally shown that :

1 person, undistracted, active, equipped and intent can expect to register at least 2 people per day.

200 people for 50 days should be able to reach 20,000.

The activities of such a group will clearly be of benefit to the community in which the action takes place

The result is greatly accelerated development and an earlier achievement of effective local economy etc.

The opportunity arguably justifies the allocation of some of the resources available.

3 million people will likely, at £100 per business, generate around £150 million for community development - and in the process £15 million for LETSystem development.

If 90% of that £15 million budget is reserved for the slower, more conservative approach to LETSystem development generally recommended, then the Landsman project only fractionally reduces the funds available, and

Just 10% of that budget, £1.5 million, is sufficient to pay for the activities of 200 people for 50 days.

If a similar proportion of the overall revenue, that arising from business entry to the main regional LETSystem until the end of the decade, is likewise awarded to Landsman, then the many who have recorded contributions to this process over the years can be paid for their efforts.

Not likely to attract the timid, but at this stage perhaps we need more daring more than more discretion.

During the summer of 1994, LETSgo Manchester was established to demonstrate the above proposals. Documentation and further information is available of Landsman Community Services Ltd.

Landsman Community Services Ltd Paper No.6.0 Version No 1.3 17 August 94
Written by Michael Linton of Landsman Community Services Ltd. and Angus Soutar of Robert Soutar Ltd.
Compiled 10-01-95 by Andy Blunt and Adrian Steele of LETSgo Manchester
These pages are hosted from Github pages with Gitbook. If you have any remarks or want to contribute a translation, feel free to search contact through the Github issues or make a pull request. The original source in html was transformed into the lightweight and easy-to-read markdown format.

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